Grant Wells Photo

Paper on Skin - Arts Council

Paper on Skin is a biennial competition that invites artists to create wearable art constructed primarily of paper. Burnie City Council commissioned me to document the 2016 and 2018 events.

pos web-8.jpg
Paper on Skin-model as queen on catwlk_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin - arms emerge_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin- exhibition-mannequins.jpg
Paper on Skin-armour detail.jpg
Paper on Skin-backstage scene_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-button detail.jpg
Paper on Skin-dress detail.jpg
Paper on Skin-exhibition-angel dress.jpg
Paper on Skin-hands and box with bubble wrap_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-headpiece fitting.jpg
Paper on Skin-living doll.jpg
Paper on Skin-male model on catwalk_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-model on catwalk_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-model on catwalk-flowerpots.jpg
Paper on Skin-model on catwalk-motion blur_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-model with swallows_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-opening boxes_b&w.jpg
Paper on Skin-oriental facemask.jpg
Paper on Skin-Pam examines bodice_b%w.jpg
Paper on Skin-paper spirals_detail.jpg
Paper on Skin-sails on mannequin.jpg
Paper on Skin-warrior woman.jpg
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