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People of Passion - exhibition

People of Passion

Images from my recent solo exhibition at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery

ANNE  360x1560

ANNE 360x1560

DELAILA  360x1570

DELAILA 360x1570

FRANCIS  360x1420

FRANCIS 360x1420

GEORGE  360x1240

GEORGE 360x1240



HEATH  360x1320

HEATH 360x1320

JD  360x940

JD 360x940

JENNY  360x1500

JENNY 360x1500

JOSEPH  360x1090 (3 available)

JOSEPH 360x1090 (3 available)

JOHN  360x1400 (3 available)

JOHN 360x1400 (3 available)

KIT  and  ERIC  360x1250

KIT and ERIC 360x1250

LYNNE  360x 1550

LYNNE 360x 1550

MARC  360x1110

MARC 360x1110

MATT  360x1270

MATT 360x1270

MICHELLE  360x1050 (3 available)

MICHELLE 360x1050 (3 available)

NEIL  360x1250

NEIL 360x1250

JEREMY, ADRIAN  and  RICHARD  360x1640


OWEN  360x1270

OWEN 360x1270

PAM  360x1430

PAM 360x1430

PENELOPE  360x 1420

PENELOPE 360x 1420

RANDOLPH  360x1500

RANDOLPH 360x1500

ROBERT  360x890

ROBERT 360x890

ROB  360x960

ROB 360x960

ROBBY  360x1110

ROBBY 360x1110

ROD  360x1360

ROD 360x1360

SIMON  360x1360

SIMON 360x1360

STEVE  360x1440 (3 available)

STEVE 360x1440 (3 available)

SUSAN  360x1490

SUSAN 360x1490

TUT  360x1550

TUT 360x1550

Limited edition prints are available to purchase. Contact me if you would like to own one of these archive quality photographs. A special discount applies if you are the subject of the photograph.

I am currently taking commissions for portraits in the above panoramic style. If you (or someone you know) fit the bill, get in touch and we will put you in the picture.